Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm sure that somewhere along the way in my high school or college years the subject of diets came up in conversation and was just a quickly dismissed because "I'd never have to worry about that." Growing up my biggest weight concern was the lack of, not the abundance of. I was referred to as a fifty-pound weakling more than once.

Being 6'3" made my low weight all the more noticeable. My weight sort of caught up with my height in college, but even at the point of marriage I was still considered very thin.

Now, some years later after a few moves, a lifestyle that best lent itself to fast food, and a job where I do a whole lot more sitting than anything else, it was definitely time for the scales to start a downward spiral rather than continue the upward spiral.

And so, together with and with the help of my wife, we launced a journey to South Beach a couple of weeks ago. I know there are many different kinds of diets and eating plans like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Body For Life, etc. and on occasion one or the other of us has tried a few things...but this is our first attempt together. If you follow the plan, weight loss in the first two weeks is rather dramatic, then levels off. So far, I'm happy to say, my results have been according to plan and I have been rather amazed at the quick loss these first two weeks.

Now the test begins, to see if the loss can be sustained over the long haul and if the recommended adjustements in eating habits take hold. The cravings are definitely still there, and I'll admit to a slip or two during UGA football games, but for the most part we've followed the plan.

I'll update periodically.

Did I mention that the first three letters of diet are D...I...E? Did you also notice that the last three letters spell I...E...T (as in "I eat")?

Back to work I guess....

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philio said...

dave, you crack me up. Amber and I just started working out again and that's been quite the adjustment. I am really enjoying it though. There's no way that I should be 50 lbs. overweight at age 25. At least I'm working on it now. Have fun with the die...I mean, diet. hah.