Friday, May 05, 2006



I can use this weekend to catch-up...on my blog posting...

Since the last "real" entry, a few things have happened...I'll summarize here and add specific entries (and photos) as time permits...
  • Elijah has kept on being cute. If you say "night-night" to him, he will drop what he's doing and walk to where he sleeps and stand by his bed. Giggling. He loves his sleep.
  • Noah has started his first soccer season. He has yet to score, but his team has won a couple of games. He plays twice a week (at least one game plus practice). Noah couldn't care less about the games, he just enjoys running and kicking the ball (regardless of which direction he kicks it in).
  • Clara has played three soccer games this season. She's now scored two goals and her team is undefeated and I think they've only been scored on once. Who would have thought 8-year-old soccer could be that intense?! Game before last every player on her team scored at least one goal. Last Saturday she played in a very cold (50 degrees) windy (gusts over 40 mph) rainy game....scored one goal and her team won 3-0. Clara also plays at least twice a week (at least one game plus practice).
  • Clara had her 8th birthday party. 15 girls here for a pajama-party sleepover. Oh my. What were we thinking?!?!
  • Hannah has continued with her piano lessons (she's now mastered the bass cleff) and has taken this year's TCAP's (the annual aptitude tests at school...a week-long event). We finally got her scores from last year (apparently lost when she changed schools due to re-zoning here).
  • Clara also sang at a recent PTA meeting.
  • Some questions have been answered about how the new contract between EDS and GMAC will impact my job, things are a little more stable...I guess.
  • We spent a few evenings here and there huddled in the downstairs bathroom as the tornado sirens wailed...some nasty storms have come through this year.
  • Our neighbor's house was broad daylight...while Diane and the boys were here. A little excitement in the cove...
  • We were able to see Mama Clara, Granddaddy and Grandmommy Mitchell (Diane's parents) and some other family members in Mississippi one Sunday.
  • The University of Georgia Women's Gymnastics Team won the National Championship (yes, I have to throw in a little school pride here and there).
  • Some neighbors we had become friends with in our neighborhood found out that they (she) had received a job promotion and they relocated just this week to Reno, NV (yes, that is now a new Smith Family vacation destination). We were able to help out during the quick move by being a pet-sitter for their dog (and cat sometimes) while their house was being shown and by (Diane) helping coordinate a going-away dinner (for Gretta).
  • A nasty little stomach virus wove its way through the family over a period of a few days.
  • Spring (with all of its wonderful landscaping) has sprung. I never realized how an aerator can man-handle you.

So...a few distractions here and there have kept me from the blog, but I am returning...

Big D.

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