Monday, February 26, 2007

Congrats Ari & Matt!!

Our old friend Ari and our new friend Matt are getting married. We had them over for dinner last week and had a great time. We are excited for them as they make plans for the future and establish a new family. Being with them reminded me of our own engagement and the awe and wonder of God's blessings. Seventeen years later I'm still amazed at how God has given me such an incredible husband. Keeping it real though we have had our fair share of "dog house days". But, at the end of the day we come in out of the cold and appreciate the warmth of what God established. We thank Him in the good times and thank him in the bad times. (Granted, we haven't really walked through the valley of the shadow). Anyway, young love reminds us of all to "Love Deeply". Love is a beautiful gift!!!
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kkoois said...

yeah! congratulations, ari & matt!