Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Slatons Visit the Smiths!!!

We have amazing friends scattered all over the world!! We enjoy it so much when our friends are able to visit "Hotel Smith". Our recent guests, the Slatons, are dear friends from Ohio. During their visit what struck me the most is how quickly time really does pass. We vacationed with the Slatons and two other families a mere seven years ago in Gulf Shores, AL. Clara was two years old. She and Parker (the Slatons youngest son) were so little. I remember we would say "No laughing" and they would both just laugh and laugh and laugh.
On the last night of the Slaton's visit, Parker and Clara were walking together in the park just talking and talking. I wondered what they were talking about. And, I had a flashback and saw two little people laughing and laughing and playing together on the beach. And now, here they were a boy and a girl who haven't lived in the same city for almost five years and yet they were able to pick right back up and enjoy spending time with one another. Even though time passes quickly, friendships make the time rich indeed.

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