Friday, May 16, 2008

Generation Gap

For Mother's Day my husband bought me a French Press. I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Yesterday he gave me a tea kettle in order to make it easier to boil the water. When my youngest daughter saw it, she said "Cool, an old-timey way to boil water". (For her boiling water is done in the microwave!!).

My oldest daughter recently went to work with her daddy for the day. While in the office sitting around talking, the topic of encyclopedias came up and my daughter mentioned using an encyclopedia. One of the women was excited to hear that encyclopedias are still being used by this generation and was asking Hannah about her use of encylopedias.

What Hannah said next became a quote for the quote board....."Well, actually I can't use my encylopedia right now because the CD is not working." Hysterical!! That really strikes me as funny.

My generation remembers actually having to go to the library, pull an encyclopedia off the shelf and look up the information. Today, my children type in a word, click a button and the information is instantly available. It's a different world.

I think I'll take my children to the library today and let them touch an encylopedia. And, I have to admit I remember my World Book Encyclopedia set fondly. It was so exciting to sit and read it and look at the pictures. Ahh, the good old days.


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Yay, you got a French Press. Hope you enjoy your's as much as we do ours!

If you start calling your tea kettle a water boiler it will really throw your kids. This is what they are called in the UK and we've taken on a bit of the Brit language around here. :-)

And on encyclopedias - I was watching Price is Right the other day and they gave away a set of World Book Encyclopedias. I didn't even know they still made them in book form!

i'm beccy. said...

This made me laugh! :o)! Sorry Amanda and I did not get ahold of you on Skype when she was here. Love checking up on your blog periodically. Love you.

dave and jen said...

that IS funny! we have a blog too!

Kelly & Crew said...

Yup, my parents bought the world encyclopedia set...cracked a book once, as far as I can remember...made a great doorstop! TeeHee!! I so enjoy just typing in a word and surfing the web...I was made for this life!! Love ya, C-ya...KB

Kelly & Crew said...

Yup, my parents bought my brother and I the complete set of World Book Encyclopedias....I developed OCD because of them, couldn't stand for them to be out of alphabetical order!! Just kidding..sort of, I really couldn't stand for them to be out of order. Maybe they didn't cause the OCD, maybe they just highlighted my quirkiness...but I digress! Anywho, I was born to be in the computer era, love the web!! Love ya Aunt DeDi and Fam. The Brown Crew