Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Go Bartlett 98

Tonight was Clara's last soccer game of the season. They won!!! We love this team and the girls and their parents. The team really worked well together and each girl grew so much individually. The coaches did a GREAT JOB!!

For Clara, it was a difficult season, because of the hairline fracture in her leg which kept her out most of the season. However, we are VERY proud of her. She went to practices, sat the bench and cheered her team week after week. She also accepted gracefully the reality that it's hard to come back after an injury. Her leg may have been weak, but her heart grew strong...this was a character building year for her.


Jill Willeke said...

Way to go Clara. I am glad that in the midst of your injury, you still were a support to your team. Get strong and ready to play hard next year!! Lots of love Aunt Jill

Cheryl said...

Clara, you are such a great asset to the team and were really missed when you were out this season. We are so glad your leg is better and look forward to watching you play in the spring!