Monday, January 26, 2009

Blogger Block

It seems like a while since I've posted anything worth reading and that bothers me a bit. The truth is my brain seems to be taking a break.

Maybe it is hibernating for winter...I'm not sure. There are moments of clarity where I have a thought that seems blog worthy. Then, I sit down to blog and there's nothing there and I mean nothing.

Or, maybe it's the entrance of the Wii into our home. It has consumed quite a bit of my time. Last night I laughed so hard I almost peed (how in the world do you spell that?) in my pants on several occasions. Our friends Phil and Amber Wing and Mark Murdoch played carnival games, which by the way are almost as impossible to win as the real carnival games. David, bless his heart was comatose on the couch. He did entertain us with an occasional snore or loud groan. I think he has the flu, but boy did he miss out on the fun.

Or, maybe it's the wonderful time I've been able to spend with friends. Face to face time with people has taken precedence over technology during the month of January. Okay, so that's probably not such a bad thing!!!

Anyway, I'm hopeful that my brain will wake up soon and I will be able to write something worthwhile. So, for my three or four blog readers, please be patient. I'll be back!!!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

I know where you are coming from. I've been the queen of sporadic posts since the little man became mobile. Glad you enjoyed the visit with your friends.

Jill Willeke said...

Glad to catch up with you on your blog! Love you, miss you.