Monday, September 19, 2011

Never Walk Alone

Last week my youngest daughter broke her collar bone playing soccer. She typically has a pretty high pain tolerance but it broke my heart to watch her endure such pain while she waited to get an X-Ray. Then, a really cool thing happened. Her teammates started texting her and three of her teammates showed up to be with her while she waited. Even though I knew she was in some serious pain, she was able to smile and laugh because her friends were there for her.

About ten weeks ago I started training to walk a half-marathon to raise money for Habitat for Hope. For the record, unlike my daughter, I am not an athlete. And training to walk a half-marathon has been a challenge for my non-athlete self. However a really cool thing happened during my training. Friends have walked with me several times to keep me going. And, when I walk the half-marathon in Ohio this weekend, several friends are going to walk with me so I don't have to walk alone.

We all need friends to walk with us, especially when we are enduring pain or hardship!! So many of our Habitat for Hope families are in Memphis without the physical support of family and friends. Our volunteers are friends that show up so these families don't have to walk alone.

Online fundraising for Diane Smith - Walk With Purpose

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Amy Moore said...

My heart goes out to Clara and hope she has a speedy recovery! Kayla and I will keep her in our prayers. And as an added encouragement, good luck this weekend. I admire your willingness and dedication for such a worthy cause.