Friday, July 14, 2006

Annual Pilgrimage


Our dear friend Amanda Lymburner made her annual pilgrimage to Hotel Smith recently, and brought a SURPRISE for Hannah with her. I'd mentioned in a recent post that Hannah's best friend is Taylor Adams, who lives in Dayton, Ohio (where we also lived for 12 years). As a surprise for Hannah, Taylor came with Amanda to Memphis for a recent visit! Hannah was SOOOOO excited.

It's hard to believe it, but we've known Amanda for around 15 YEARS now (give or take). We met Amanda when we first volunteered with the youth ministry at Far Hills Baptist Church in Dayton. Amanda quickly became a part of our family. We actually knew her long before we had CHILDREN!

We've been friends through thick and thin. We saw her grow and mature, stood with her when she ran the family car into the family garage, exit high school and enter college, exit one college and enter another, graduate college and enter a life of teaching and coaching field hockey in Kettering, Ohio. We moved from being a ministry leader for her to being a ministry partner with her (in the early days of The Cellar)...all the while solidifying our relationship as family. It's a treasure that she still keeps us in her annual vacation plans.

See you in October, Amanda!

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