Friday, July 14, 2006


There is a TV series called Numbers that I enjoy watching occasionally. I like numbers. I like math. I like statistics. Often they say a lot.

Some numbers have jumped out at me recently. This is just an opportunity to share what's on my mind...

17 - Approximate rank in US City size held by Memphis, Tennessee, where I currently live.

96 - Current tally of murders committed in Memphis this year. Many...too many...are being committed by kids.

40 - Current school dropout percentage rate in Memphis.

4 - According to the Apologetics on Fire organization, who hosted a conference at my church recently, the percentage of American teenagers who regularly attend church.

Shifting gears, but just a little...

78 - Current price of a barrel of oil.

7 - Number of test missiles launched by North Korea recently.

60 - Number of rockets fired at three Israeli towns by the gorilla terrorist group Hezbollah this morning.

200,000 - Number of Israeli citizens currently staying in bomb shelters.

8 - Number of bombs that exploded in the Bombay transit system earlier this week.

4 3/4 - Number of years since the 9/11 attacks. Our military has been in Afghanistan and Iraq almost that long. That's a little longer than amount of time between the attack on Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII.

A lot of those numbers appear bleak. There are also happy numbers...

2 - Number of work days until I start vacation.

4 - Number of WONDERFUL children I have.

Dozens - Number of friends that I have been blessed with.

2 1/2 - Number of months until the premier of Facing The Giants...a movie I'll talk about in an upcoming entry.

16 3/4 - Number of years I've been married to my awesome wife!

That's enough for now...

Big D.

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