Friday, April 13, 2007

Boys Are Different Than Girls!!

I continue to learn that boys are different than girls!! Today Noah asked if he could go play in the garage for a bit and I said sure. Elijah was asleep. It was raining outside. I thought "Yeah a little peace and quiet". A bit later Noah came inside and said he wasn't feeling so well. After questioning him to make sure he wasn't sick, I sent him off to bed for rest time.
A little while later, David went out for his daily trip to Kroger. When he came home and brought the groceries in...He asked "Who has been in the garage?" As I followed David to the garage, I thought "Oh, no, what did Noah do?" The evidence loomed before me. My sweet innocent, little boy experienced his first bout with grafitti. He had taken the spray paint and painted several places. Luckily Smokey, the cat is still gray, not painted white and our van was not in the garage.
We sat down with our little hoodlum and began to discuss this. He said "It looked like fun when Daddy did it." (David and Clara had painted a frame the day before.) When we began to get to the nitty gritty of what the consequences would be. A bright smile came to his face and he said, "But, I found my fishing pole." Nice diversionary tactic. We again turned the conversation back to the consequences and he said, "But I found my buckets." Again, diversionary tactic.
At this point we are about to bust out laughing when Elijah, who was innocently hitting his golf ball, just happened to whack the snot out of it. It hit the wall behind where I was sitting, then zinged over to the other wall and landed in the kitchen. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!

Amber said...

funny how they love to change the subject huh? and thank goodness your van wasn't in there!