Monday, April 23, 2007

Count the Cost!!

Yesterday at church we studied the passage from Luke 14 where Jesus said to be his disciple we must hate father, mother, wife and children, yes even our own life. We must carry our cross and follow him in order to be his disciple. We must consider the cost and realize what it will require. We must give up everything to be his disciple. Jesus was addressing a large crowd. He certainly wasn't trying to win friends and influence people. He wasn't trying to increase his fan base. He wanted and still wants followers.

We spent time talking with our Life Group (smaller group of friends) about this passage and what it really means. It seems like it is easy to say we want to follow Jesus and we are willing to give it all. But, when we are called to give up something that's when it gets harder. This morning I'm still pondering what this means in my life and I'm not really sure.

As one friend said last night this looks different for each person. I remember in the Bible when Jesus told Peter what was coming..."when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go". Then Jesus said to him, "Follow me". Peter's response was to ask what was going to happen to John. Jesus response..."what is that to you?" Basically...none of your business.

This is what is on my mind this morning!! My desire is to Follow Christ and I don't want that to be just lip service. I want it to be real. Following Christ means that my eyes must be fixed on Him...not looking around. Following Christ means walking where He leads. Following Christ means loving the people He puts in my life. Love God..Love Others. Four simple words that are so difficult.

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