Friday, January 04, 2008

Necessary Evil!!

Yesterday I went to the dentist to complete some dental work I had done a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, my mouth was not done being tortured because for the last two weeks I've had throbbing pain. So, the verdict from the dentist was I needed a root canal and a crown. Happy New Year.

So, again I was subjected the drilling, scraping, clenched fists, keeping my mouth open for an hour. Now I remember why I despise going to the dentist. This morning my mouth hurts. My hope is they were able to fix the problem and there is not some other little demon in there waiting to arise so I will have to go to the dentist again for more torture.

On a positive note, I have dental insurance. They used gas so I was "relaxed". And thank the Lord for the numbing medicine.

There will be NO pictures added to this post.

1 comment:

Amber said...

oh my mouth hurts just reading about it! I hope it feels better today...ugh.