Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's Eve

When we lived in Ohio, some of our friends started a New Year's tradition that we've decided to continue. In Ohio, we usually went out to dinner with a few couples and then gathered in a crowd at someone's house. Those were some sweet times!! I always feel a twinge of sadness that I'm not with the Adams, the Depps, the Harts, the Russells, or the Slatons at New Years. (We still love all you guys!!)

This New Year's Eve we had two gatherings. Our friends Matt and Jana, not really pictured anywhere, joined us for an early pizza dinner. It was nice, quiet and relaxing. They had to get home and put their little one to bed.

Then, the party kicked into full gear. We had several friends over for a New Year's Eve game night. It was loads of fun and we enjoyed kicking off the New Year in a relaxed, casual environment. The children were all amazing and went on and on like energizer bunnies!!

Now, you will notice the intense game of Settlers (We did miss the Richardson's and the Watson's...Thanks for letting us use your settlers board.). These people did not move from the table the whole night. This was some serious gamesmanship!!!

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Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

I know you guys had a great time; it sure looks like it in the pictures, anyway. Hated that we had to miss all the game fun, but we really enjoyed our pizza dinner before the party.