Friday, April 18, 2008

Holding Back the Laughter!!

Our oldest son has a difficult time with his conduct grades at school. Sometimes this is hard to handle because both of our girls had almost perfect conduct scores every year. (However, if I remember correctly I made a U in conduct my first grade year).

This week has been a particularly trying week. Noah had to pull his clip three times one day (you pull your clip when you break the rules). We talked sternly with him about the importance of following rules. The next day he didn't pull his clip. YEAH!!

Yesterday he had to pull his clip once. Here's David's description of why according to Noah. "I broke one of the rules". David asked which one and what happened. Noah said, "The teacher went out of the room and everyone started talking loudly. It was bothering me. So, I screamed loudly, The Party is Over. The teacher heard me and I had to pull my clip.

David almost wrecked his truck he was laughing so hard. Needless to say Noah is not happy about our laughter. But come on, that is hysterical!! So I'm holding back my laughter and sharing it with you.


Stacie said...

Too funny!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Another one right up there with dancing to the music in his head. :-) That boy is a trip!

tasha said...

Ha! This is hilarous -- kids are so funny! My boys get upset when we giggle at them, too. Thanks for sharing!