Friday, April 04, 2008

Quotes from the AM

This morning Hannah made a statement that made me laugh out loud. She was getting ready for a trip and remembered that she wanted some gum. Her dad said , we can get some at the store. Her response was classic. "I already have some. We don't need to spend unnecessary money!!" We've been watching our pennies around here, but I had no idea it was sinking in so deeply.

Elijah has a new way of asking for what he wants. Rather than saying may I please have something to eat, he says..."This room makes me hungry" or "This room makes me want Diet Coke." or "This room makes me want to watch TV" Where in the world he came up with this concept we don't know. We do wonder if he is going to be the primo manipulator around here giving the others a run for their money.

1 comment:

kkoois said...

ha! sounds like hannah would fit in nicely in our dutch family.
and that elijah...what can you say? he cracks me up - such a little character. now, i must go. typing this comment makes me want a bag of chips.