Monday, September 15, 2008

I took the plunge

This weekend my husband set me up a facebook account. He recently spoke with his college roomate and I commented on how I really needed to get on facebook. So, he hooked my up. Now, I have a few friends and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

The plus side is I've become friends with people I haven't seen in years. My favorite comment was a friend from college who said I haven't changed much. Little does she know I used a college photo (just kidding, it's a recent photo). The truth is I have changed so much not only in physical appearance, but also on the inside. And, I have a mortgage, four kids, a cat, a husband, a to do list a mile long. Talk about life change!!!

The down side how much time could facebook consume of my life. Hubby made a great suggestion to set a timer when I use facebook. Technology is great and yes I love my DVR, my computer, et al, but I have observed that it does eat up my time if I'm not careful.

So here are my questions for the day....what's so great about facebook? Does it eliminate the need for e-mail? How in the world did "my new friends" find me on facebook within hours? Isn't it all a bit frightening? I would love to hear your raves and digs about facebook. And, any pointers would be greatly appreciated by this newbie.


Ari said...

I love it and after the first few weeks, it doesn't take up as much time.
Facebook automatically sends request to people when you have like 10 friends in common, assuming you must know this person too. That's why so many people knew you were on so quickly. It goes on Auto-pilot sometimes!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Just sent you a friend request.

It has been a good way for me to reconnect with some friends who got lost along the highway of life. I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook (blogging and twitter are my time sinks), but it is fun to see what everyone is up to.

Welcome aboard!

Dan said...

I guess now you're ready for twitter ;)

Be sure to add some cool apps to your profile. My favorite is Scrabulous!

Live In Contrast said...

Like most of technology, facebook can be a powerful tool or a black hole for time and productivity.

My recommendation would be to take time to catch up with friends and share in the lives of people who are further away, and think carefully before adding the *millions* of applications and games to which you will be invited. If it doesn't sound interesting or useful to you, just click "ignore." I've definitely fallen into the trap of spending too much time playing games I wasn't interested in, but I've also enjoyed catching up with high school and college friends in faraway places.