Friday, March 27, 2009

Continued Saga

When I went to publish the previous entry about technical came up with an error. Would not, could not publish. After muttering a few choice words under my breath (niceties of course mom), I threw my hands up and walked away from the computer. We have been using a different browser and it was not compatible with our blog. Nor was it compatible with Facebook. I was completely out of touch with my cyberworld.

Techno hubby to the rescue!!! Whew, what would I do without him. Now I can blog. Now I can feed my Facebook addiction. Although I must admit that the new layout is too busy and too much stuff for me. I miss just being able to log on and quickly view the status updates of my friends!!!

All this is revealing something about myself that I do not like!!! I am not adapting to change well. I used to live for change. I used to thrive on change. I used to eat change for breakfast. Goodness, am I becoming old and set in my ways? We must change that!!

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Jill Willeke said...

I bet the kids laughed and laughed!!! Only to see your face as you tried to get in bed -- that is tooooo funny. Give Clara an 'atta girl for me. I am sure that this will become a family legend to be told over and over :). The things memories are made of!