Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Excuses, excuses!!

Okay so I am the most deliquent blogger out there. It seems that all has conspired against me. Really. Let me explain. The storage area for our pictures has changed, making it difficult to import edited pictures. It's probably easy to figure out how to use the updated program, but we have been a little busy around here.

And, we are currently using Clara's camera as a family camera. During the last snow day which was incredibly beautiful we pulled out her camera and realized the battery was dead. Simple problem to solve. Not for us. We could not find the charger for her battery. AAHHH. Yes, her battery charger does have a place it is supposed to's not there.

No big deal we think, we'll take pictures of the amazing nine inch snow with Hannah's camera. Guess what? We couldn't find the download cord for her camera. Double AAAHH!! Yes, the download cord does have a place it is supposed to's not there.

Blogging is a pleasure for me. I love to add the pictures. Because let's face it. This blog exists to provide my mother with pictures of her grandchildren!!! Without pictures I am lost...lost I tell you.

So there is my sob story. These minor inconveniences + the insane busyness of our schedule have come together to create the perfect storm that has shut down communication. I haven't had much to say...since I don't have pictures that go along with it (which reminds me of a story that I'll tell in another post....MAYBE!!)

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