Friday, May 15, 2009

God Provides

Many entries of this blog this past year have been devoted to saving money. While I do not aspire to become a blog dedicated to frugality, it is the reality of our life right now. The intent of this blog is to share our lives with family and friends. We really do have a rich life that includes a multitude of close friendships (Oh, the stories we could tell). With the busyness of life it is difficult to stay in touch, thus this blog. And, I really like to get things on helps me process.

Today's blog post is dedicated to my incredibly responsible, amazing and beautiful daughter Hannah. She and I have been on a journey the last two years. When she began sixth grade, we decided we wanted to homeschool her. Our decision to homeschool was born out of a desire to relationally connect with her. It has been fun to be a part of her world and see her developing into a godly young woman. I hope she looks back on this season with fondness!!!

One lesson Hannah has learned recently I wanted to share....God provides!! It is a lesson I need to remind myself. It seems that since we started trying to be careful with our money all powers of Hades have conspired against us (I will refrain from going into all of that right now). But I digress....

About six months ago we explained to Hannah that she would need to earn money to pay for any youth trips she wanted to take starting this summer. This girl loves her youth trips. She accepted this challenge quietly and courageously. After all for a thirteen-year old with little earning potential paying for anything over $10 seems a bit daunting.

She babysat here and there, but one day recently she expressed her concern that her babysitting opportunities were limited and she wondered how she would EVER save enough money. My heart went out to her. She was not complaining. She was being realistic and honest.

Then, literally out of the blue our neighbor approached Hannah and asked her to tutor her preschool son to help him get ready for Kindergarten. Of course Hannah jumped on this because it was a weekly job. (I admit I was a little nervous). But, the truth is she was prepared to do this job. She is a great teacher to her little brother. She also has volunteered in the preschool class where I work for a year.

But, let me say that Hannah has blown my expectations OUT OF THE WATER. She tutors three times a week for thirty minutes. She communicates with the mother via email. She plans the lessons. Recently I eavesdropped and she was teaching him all about a penny. Here is what I heard her student say in response to questions asked of him. "A penny equals one cent." "Abraham Lincoln is on the front of the penny." "He was the sixteenth president." "He lived in a cabin log (yes I typed that cute)".

As of yesterday Hannah has earned (and truthfully she has worked hard) enough money to pay for her camp this summer ($250). How does a 13 year old do that? God provided her an opportunity. She worked hard and was faithful with that which was entrusted to her.

As she looks back on her homeschool experience, I hope she remembers the year when she was given an impossible task. I hope she remembers that God provides!!! I hope she remembers that with God nothing is impossible. I hope she remembers that hard work and diligence pay off.


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Way to go, Hannah! That is great. She is so dedicated (and so smart) that I'm sure she is a great tutor and a lot of fun, too. What a wonderful lesson God has allowed her learn early in her life.

The Felkins said...

I hope I remember that! That is awesome! Mason wants to earn money for golf but feels it is impossible too. He is in a very teachable place right now, I pray God will teach him something during this time! Happy birthday!

Robin Trusty said...

Well, I am the "neighbor" and I must say that she is doing a better than great job. I am so impressed. I am a teacher myself and am unable to get him excited. Hannah makes him enjoy coming. In Jan. he only knew about 5 or 6 of his letters, now he knows them all. Yes, God does provide-He has brought me Hannah.

susan said...

Love it!