Monday, May 04, 2009

Life is Fragile!!

My previous post was about our daughter Clara's birthday. Today's post is more difficult to write, but I really want to do so. This past Thursday, April 30th, my grandmother, "Mama Clara" breathed her last breath here on earth. As you can guess our sweet Clara was named after her great-grandmother.

Our family went to visit Mama Clara the Friday before her death. I wish I could capture for you the way her dear face lit up when our family walked into the room. It was one of those priceless moments. She was a godly woman who loved to spend time with Jesus, she had a gift for creating beauty, and she loved her family fiercely. She lived for 88 years.

As I type this, I'm looking at a piece of embroidery in my kitchen that says "Life is Fragile, Handle it with Prayer". One summer when I was younger I went to visit my grandparents and I remember my grandmother creating that piece. When she moved from her home into an apartment a few years ago and was getting rid of some of her things, it was the one thing I requested. Why? Because it is a sentiment that I believe in strongly.

One of the greatest compliments I received at the funeral on Saturday was how much I favor Clara. You see I have her red hair. I'm really the only member of the family that has it (well my dad has her red hair...but he's mostly bald, so that doesn't really count and he's a guy). My desire is that in addition to favoring her looks, I would also favor her in character. She was a strong woman. She was committed to her family. She was diligent with her hands. She endured hardship with grace. She loved Jesus with her whole heart.

I'm thankful that she taught me at a young age that "Life is Fragile, we must handle it with Prayer". I'm thankful that she taught me how to love my family. I'm thankful that she taught me how to cook (I only wish I knew how to make her homemade fried pies). I'm thankful she taught me how to enjoy the moment.


drh said...

I never knew “Mama Clara,” but thanks for allowing me to know her through your beautiful eulogy.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Diane. I didn't know your Grandmother, but from the description you give here, I definitely think you favor her character.

Jill Willeke said...

What a beautiful legacy she has left behind. I love the tribute to Mama Clara -- I only wish that I had known her -- but I guess I sort of do because of you. Sorry that you lost your Grandma, but rejoicing that she is in heaven now.