Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Calendar Says...

This morning my calendar, soccer and more soccer. Yet, due to the rain the soccer tournament is canceled for the weekend. The first time in four years!! I am a little ashamed to admit a part of me was quite giddy when I found out yesterday. A whole day with nothing scheduled. Wow!!!

This morning my house is quiet and there is a whole 24 hours in front of me with nothing planned. A precious gift of time. How should I spend it? What should I do? Please know that my list of things that should be done is a mile long....clean my bathrooms, finish the laundry, finish up school work for the week, take a bulldozer to my daughter's and my son's bedroom and really to my bedroom, weed the flower bed, and on and on. But somehow it seems a shame to do those things on this golden day.

Let me explain....our lives are filled to the brim. We know we are busy. We have even been taking a few hours off Mondays to slow down as a family. We have virtually eliminated TV. But, the reality of four children, David working full-time, me working part-time, homeschooling our children, and of course soccer makes our cup pretty full.

It is dawning on me slowly, simmering like a pot of soup on a cold day, filling my senses with a pleasing aroma. I have a GREAT LIFE!! Really, really, really!!! I have a GREAT LIFE!!!!

Yesterday I was hanging out with my Friday Friends and we were talking about being thankful for everything. Some of the ladies even made a list of the things they were thankful for (I did not....I was too busy...LOL).

As I sit here and think about my 24 hour gift of time...maybe just maybe I need to have an attitude check and begin to be thankful for every aspect of my life. Maybe I have been so focused on the busyness that I have forgotten to smell the roses.

Maybe I need to approach this 24 hours as if it were my last. If it were, how would I spend it? Life is fragile, fleeting, beautiful and I think I'm going to start my free day by heading to my back porch to hang out with my Creator and be thankful!!!!

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Susan Tatum said...

Hey Diane!
Great blog. I have enjoyed reading here. You have a beautiful family.
See you soon!