Monday, September 07, 2009

Please Pray!!

This is my dear friend Renee. We met Renee when she was in middle school many years ago. Our relationship with Renee grew through the years as she loved on our kids and became one of their babysitters. Who am I kidding? She had a card at church to pick up our kids because I was always talking. Our daughter Clara is named after her...Clara Renee Smith.

Fast forward to today...Renee is mother to two beautiful children as you can see from this picture. This past week I found out Renee has Breast Cancer, a rare and aggressive type. She is entering the fight of her life. She is so young and this has already been a difficult year for her prior to this!!!

So, as you read this, please pray for my dear friend and for her family as they prepare to fight!!!


Jill Willeke said...

Sorry to hear about this -- praying for Renee and her family.

Amber said...

Wow, I had not heard. Thank you so much for posting, I will be praying for her and their sweet family!!!

i'm beccy. said...

praying in nebraska.

kkoois said...

so sorry to hear that. praying for her and her family.

what type of cancer is it?