Friday, February 05, 2010


For the month of January our family decided to take the Eat from your Pantry Challenge. I set a ridiculous goal of only spending $50 for groceries for the month of January. Ridiculous I tell you. We really did pretty good!! Until January 27th, we had only spent $87 for food, a mere $37 over my goal.

This picture represents the crash and burn moment of our Eat from your Pantry Challenge. We stopped by the store to grab a couple of peppers and an onion so that we could make fried rice. Seems pretty harmless, right? WRONG!!

What I forgot to mention was a snow/ice storm was headed for our southern town. We got to the store around 5:30 and fell into the "gotta buy milk and bread" frenzy. Call it madness. Call it temporary insanity. Call it what you will...We spend $51.68 in one fell swoop.

My only defense is that I was afraid we would be stuck at home for days in the blizzard!!

All in all we spent $138.39 in food for the month of January.
We also spent about $35.00 for non-food stuff.
And, we celebrated two birthdays for about $20
We took dinner to friends who had a baby for about $10

A little over $200 for our family of six is an accomplishment!! So, rather than $50 for the whole month, we actually spent about $50 per week.


Sarah said...

like i said the other day i am highly impressed. and very proud of you all!!!!!

Jennie said...

EXCELLENT!! Don't feel discouraged about not hitting your goal...just think of how much you would have spent if you had no goal at all! All month long for under $200!! Amazing!! Way to go!!!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

And it was a wonderful dinner, too. Thank you!