Saturday, February 06, 2010

Free the Freezer February

In January we ate from the pantry and discovered that through the course of time we have seriously packed away some food in our freezer. So, for February we are focusing on cleaning out the freezer. It really does need to be cleaned out and defrosted. The reason that our freezer is so full is that I purchase meat and deli items that are on on-sale and marked down and stick them in the freezer. Over time things just get buried in the deep recesses of the freezer.

This past Sunday I inventoried our freezer and did discover some yummy finds...a box of bluberry eggo waffles, a box of gogurt were my kids favorites!! My favorites were the two packages of little smokies and two packages of deli meat...I do love convenience foods. Of course, I did also find 20 packages of sliced peaches. If you like peaches, come on over for dessert!!

And, while I have learned my lesson about setting unrealistic goals, I am going to shoot to spend $100 a week for food this month. $400 seems do-able and almost luxurious after spending $200 last month.

I made a menu plan for two weeks and am only going shopping twice this month. One of the lessons I have learned is that the more you go in the store, the more you spend!!

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