Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Still I will Praise Him!!

In this post last week I reflected on how Christ is hope in the midst of darkness. The image was taken in Joplin, MO. Many lives were lost in Joplin. Many people were injured. Many homes were destroyed.

Within just a few days several of my friends went to help. Our pastor and his wife, Scott and Suzanne, have family in Joplin and were the first to go. Shortly after them a group of guys from our church went.

Within minutes of finding out about needs, people generously responded. Personally I posted a need for 4 car seats on Facebook. Within 20 minutes that need was met. Donations flooded into our church and were delivered to The Bridge. in Joplin.

Here's a note from Suzanne's Facebook.

"Sunday in Joplin, one week after the storm, I stood crying in church as people sang "there will be an end to these troubles but until that day comes, still I will PRAISE YOU!" with hands raised to God, tears streaming down their faces! These same people met each other in the halls, hugging and exclaiming things like, "You lived! I'm so glad you're okay!" And many of them were exhausted from working hard all week, helping their neighbors and strangers. After church I watched the amazing New Hope guys doing an awesome job, clearing fallen trees under a hot sun. They were sunburned, sweating, and I love their servant hearts. Singing to God, sweating for Jesus, both of these are worship -- and my eyes are filling again"

Devastation. Loss. Heartache. Hurt. Pain.
Hope. Love. Praise. Service. Worship.

Troubles will come.
We see the devastation on the news.
We feel compassion.

This week the devastation moved closer to home.
My heart hurts.
Tears well up in my eyes just to think it.

This week...
A wife lost her husband in a tragic accident.
A couple lost their son a month before he is born.
A couple learned that the chemo won't cure the cancer in their baby, it will simply slow it down until she is old enough for radiation.

For these friends, these aren't stories.
This is reality.
This is life.
Their hearts are broken.

Yet they Still Praise Jesus.
He is their Hope.
They choose to put their faith in Him.

Please pray for these families this week and in the weeks to come.

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