Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Valuable Lesson

Recently I learned a very valuable lesson. It is important to back-up information on your computer. You never know when you are going to suddenly lose all sense of motor control and drop your precious laptop on the floor with a loud crash.

A friend is working on trying to fix it, but I am choosing to be a skeptic and assume that all will be lost. Good grief, when did I become an Eeyore?

Maybe it's because I know that six months of my life is stored on that laptop. It's crazy but in those six months I put so much of my life in that computer. I started to journal on my computer. I fell in love with One Note and found it was a great way to organize my journal. I started working with Habitat for Hope and all of my training notes are on the laptop. I took a bazillion pictures and those pictures on that laptop.

Typing those words is a punch in the gut.

And yet, life goes on.

I'm still hanging out with Jesus and seeking His direction in my life.
I'm still impacted by months of reading through the book of Matthew and trying to follow the footsteps of Jesus as he loved people, brought healing wherever he went, spoke truth and balked against the power plays of the religious leaders.
I'm still working at Habitat for Hope and getting to know some AMAZING volunteers and people who are enduring real difficulty.

In the scheme of life this is truly a lesser loss and I will choose to count it all joy!!

I feel better now!!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Oh, that's a tough lesson! I live and die by my One Note. I have years worth of recipes in there, vital information, plus my basic Christmas lists, holiday menus, etc. Hope they can resurrect your laptop! Wonderful perspective, though.