Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day At The Lake!!!

This week a friend invited me to go with her to the lake...for 24 hours. It was a BUSY week and by the time I got to Friday morning I was fried (maybe it should be spelled Fried-day). While I was excited to go to the lake, there was a part of me that was so tired that I simply wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep for 48 hours.

But, the thought of spending some time on the water helped me crash through the tiredness and pack my backpack. The morning before we left I met another friend at Starbucks (maybe Fried-day should also be called Friend-day). It was a great way to start a weekend, sipping coffee with a friend outside in the beautiful weather. For all of you non-Memphians, it was simply a glorious, beautiful day both Friday and Saturday, remnicscent of Ohio summers and even my jaunts to Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.

So, back to my time at the lake. I wish there were words for me to convey how quickly I was able to relax. It might have something to do with the fact that I didn't have four kids to referee and cajole. Or, I didn't have a thousand things that demanded my attention. Regardless, as soon as we walked in the door of the house at the lake all my cares seemed to slip away like melted butter.

We'd been there about five minutes when our host said "Get your suits on, it's time to hit the lake." So we all slipped on our bathing suits, grabbed a book and a towel and headed to the lake.

It was a spectacular afternoon. The sunlight hitting the water was truly magical. A bright blue sky with no clouds was breathtaking. The waves gently rocking the boat was sleep-inducing.

I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered for 24 hours. Our host and hostess took care of all the meals. We even had peach milkshakes for dessert...yummy!! I did not make a single decision.

A day at the lake....left me refreshed, inspired and ready to conquer the next week.

A day at the lake... is haunting me with the question...."How can I bring a small part of that into my real life?" "How can we simplify our lives?" "How can we carve out relax moments into the life of our family?"

A day at the lake...reminded me of the importance of connecting with people. Strangers were able to speak truth in my life and make me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. My friend shared her heart with me.

A day at the evidence to a wonderful, caring Creator who surrounds us with beauty and wants us to soak in the Son!!!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you had the chance to get away and enjoy.

Ari said...

What a wonderful friend you have. I'm glad you had such a great time!