Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remember the Alamo!!!

Here's a picture of David and I at the Alamo. We recently went to San Antonio and stayed a block over from the Alamo. All I remember from my growing up years about the Alamo are the words, "Remember the Alamo!!" I've learned a little more about the Alamo but I will refrain from sharing my large scope of knowledge in this context.

Instead I want to tell you David's story of his trip to San Antonio. David was attending a conference in San Antonio. In an effort to save money, he decided to use one of my Dad's Delta buddy passes. About two weeks before the trip I decided to go along. After all we were "staycationing" for our family vacation this year, so I knew this was my only chance to get away.

David and I were both flying space available and we knew that it might take a while to get on a flight, so we headed to the airport at 4:00 am. Yes, 4:00 am. Our flight plans involved a flight to Atlanta and then to San Antonio.

We didn't get on the 6:00 flight.

So, over breakfast we strategized and decided that we would be willing to split up because it is easier for one person to get on a flight than two. We waited at the gate for the 7:30 am flight.

My name is called to board the plane. I linger a little to see if David will get on the flight and even ask the gate agent if he will get on. When the gate agent said no, he asked if I wanted to wait with David. To which I promptly said NO and boarded the plane after waving sadly to David.

The plan was to meet up in Atlanta and fly to San Antonio together. Once I get to Atlanta, David informs me that he didn't get on the flight to Atlanta, but he did make arrangements for me to get on an earlier flight from ATL to San Antonio. So I run, literally, to the gate and immediately get on my flight.

It was a very pleasant flight. I was quite comfortable. Read a book. Relaxed. Watched another passenger in first class down about six glasses of wine and beer in a row...Did I mention it was 10:30 in the am?

I digress, we landed in San Antonio about twenty minutes early. I called my sweet husband to see how his trip was progressing. When I asked him if he was still in Memphis. He said, "No". When I asked him if he was in Atlanta. He said, "No".

So the question loomed large and I just put it out there..."Well, where are you?" He said, "Little Rock". I'm thinking he came up with a creative flight plan.

No, he informed me that at 10:30 am (while I am relaxing in first class), he rented a car at the airport and proceeded to get in a car to travel to San Antonio. The flights the rest of the day looked hopeless.

So, while my husband drove twelve hours (after having only slept about 3 1/2 hours ) to San Antonio...I pressed the easy button and flew. So, if you will notice in our picture that I look a little happier than him. It's because I am!!!
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susan said...

So that explains why all of the first class people look so good - they're just not as worn out as the rest of us.