Sunday, July 05, 2009 thank you!!

The Smith family decided to "staycation" this year. Tonight is the last night of our "staycation". Here are some of my thoughts:

We had a great week. Some friends visited from Florida (backwards huh). We went to the pool. We relaxed. We enjoyed the view from our back porch. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL!! David read a few books. I didn't clean the kitchen for an entire day and a half. The boys had fun being boys and playing all the games Clara created. We watched movies.

And then there is Hannah...while the rest of us are pretending that a "staycation" is the best thing since sliced bread, Hannah is at the beach. You heard me...she is at the gorgeous beach enjoying God's creation in the vacation spot of Panama City. All that is within me cries....."It's not fair". But, I have to be an adult and say that my staycation has been fabulous.

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