Wednesday, March 24, 2010

365 project

I haven't forgotten about my 365 project....I'm just having a difficult time locating the battery charger for my camera. It is first on my list of things to do today!!

The sad thing is that we did Park School today. It would have been so lovely to capture on camera the beautiful images I saw today. It is a simply stunning spring day (extra points for for Hannah or Clara...if you can tell me what is in this sentence!!).

One of my favorite images was Noah across the field from me, sitting on a bench, journaling and drawing a picture. He didn't realize how close his bench was to the railroad tracks. Once the train came barreling down the tracks, he JUMPED up and ran full force away from that loud noise. Then, he stopped and turned to look at the train and ran to me. I convinced him that he could get close to the train...after all it was on a track!! He and Elijah ran full force toward that train. Watching them watching that train up close was pretty priceless.

The other was Clara sitting on towel under a canopy of trees basking in the glory of a beautiful day. When we left the house and she realized we were WALKING to the park..she had a few grumpy comments to share. It's amazing how being outside for a few hours turned that frown upside down.

No, we don't do school outside every day. But, I'm wondering why not. We picked up quite a few interesting things that we are going to research. For the rest of the year science class will DEFINITELY take place outside.

Hopefully I can find my battery charger and I will download my pics!!

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