Sunday, March 07, 2010


The past three weeks I have been struggling with a nagging hasn't been bad enough to slow me down. I've gone out of town twice. I've continued to work. I've continued to teach the kids. (I have not continued to clean my is a WRECK). Finally this past Friday my body finally said, "YOU ARE GOING TO STOP". The past two days I've pretty much been in bed, resting. My body needed rest.

Spiritually, it is often the same. Jesus invites us to come to Him and He will give us rest. Spiritual rest that our souls need. Instead we keep trucking, going along with business and usual, getting sicker and sicker spiritually. Why on earth do we do this to ourselves?


Jill Willeke said...

Sorry you have been sick. I am glad you got some rest and posted your 365 project. It is getting a bit tiresome, but I still enjoy it. Loved all your pictures! Thanks for posting.

drh said...

It’s crunch time for me. I am trying to finish eighteen quarter hours (an academic overload) and also prepare for spring break in Haiti. My plate is more than full.

This morning I woke up with a headache. Most likely, it was the result of dehydration – running yesterday and not getting enough fluids afterward. Stress may also have been a culprit. It turned into a migraine. I ended up sleeping off the headache and getting rest I haven’t had (but have desperately needed) for weeks. I feel better than I’ve felt in weeks. Strangely, I’m also far less stressed about the coming week.

Thanks, Jesus, for giving me a migraine and forcing me to remember the Sabbath today. I needed that!