Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Walk in the Woods Beside a Lake - Part Two

Part 1 of this story in case you haven't read it.

After changing my mind about which trail to walk, I realized I had to go back as far as I had come. It was getting hotter by the minute and I was getting more and more tired. As I was walking I began to have a mental whining session. "I'm tired". "I'm hot!!". "Who am I to think I can walk a half marathon?" "I can't do this!!" and so on and so on.

Then, I came upon a young girl stopped on the trail taking a picture of a deer. And I thought to myself "YEAH..a photo op. An excuse to stop and take a picture". So I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures. Which is really stupid because my phone takes terrible pictures and I don't even know how to get them onto the internet.

But still it was a chance to take a break. I spoke briefly with the young woman and she went on about her walk. And after a few moments I followed her, still fatigued and tired. Then, an idea came to me to ask her if she would be willing to share her pictures from her camera with me. I began to walk more quickly to catch up with her.

After getting her attention I explained that I am training to walk a half-marathon in the fall in Ohio to raise $$ for Habitat for Hope. Since this walk was a part of my training I wanted to write a blog about it and I asked her if she would be willing to send me a few of the pictures she took for my blog.

As I was giving her my email address....a crazy thing happened. We were chatting about the half-marathon and she told me she too is doing a half marathon with her sorority in Sept to raise $$ for Make a Wish. Turns out....

Wait for it....

She goes to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The half-marathon I'm training for is in Oxford, Ohio.

Turns out in the middle of a wildlife preserve in Nashville, TN, I just "happen" to run into a wonderful young lady who is walking in the same half-marathon as I am walking. What are the odds?

There is no way on God's green earth that was a coincidence. As I walked away from her the "whining session" turned into songs of praise. Praise for a God who cares so much for me that He would orchestrate a seemingly chance encounter to encourage me to PRESS ON, a chance encounter to remind me that NOTHING is impossible with God.

What's impossible in your life?
What's got you discouraged?
What are you whining about?

Remember PRESS into Christ and PRESS on. He's got it covered!!

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