Monday, February 06, 2006


...a sigh of relief. Imagine you've been working in a hot dusty yard (with angry bees) in the sun in July in Memphis for hours and hours, then you finish your work and sit in the shade with a glass of iced lemonade. A cool breeze blows. Fluffy cloulds roll across the sun in waves. Ahhhhhh.....

That's one way to describe my feeling at having found a church home.

For any who read this blog who are Christians, and you have ever gone through the process perhaps because of relocation of having to search for a new church home, you can understand what an exhausting, trying, arduous process that can be.

Quite honestly, sometimes you just want to give up. You'd rather stay in bed than fill out one more visitor's card. Your kids look at you with those puppy dog eyes when you leave then in one more children's program with people they don't know. Your kids are old enough to disagree with each other as to which church they'd rather attend. You become angry at God for no reason.

Our family has recently done this, and I am so happy to say we have finally found a home. Our new church home is New Hope Christian Church. Amazing, God honoring worship. Solid Biblical teaching. An atmosphere of service by all members (including youth...youth are involved in service in all parts of the church, not just the youth area). True koinonia. Genuinely friendly people everywhere we turn. Focus on Jesus Christ (Period). Very missions-minded. Excellent intentional pre-school and children's program.

Is it a perfect church? Absolutely not. If it were then I definitely shouldn't join. It has many faults. It definitely doesn't have it all together. But it focuses on the One who does.

For whatever time we have left in Memphis, my prayer is that me and my family would develop true servants' hearts as we join with this local body.

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