Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And The Answer Is...Yes. Definitely Yes.

The question? Or...questions?

From the kidshealth web site...

1. Was your child's onset of illness sudden? Yes.

2. Does your child have a high fever? Yes.

3. Is your child's exhaustion level severe? Yes...definitely!!

4. Is your child's cough dry? Yes.

5. Is your child's throat sore? Yes.

6. Is your child's head achy? Yes.

7. Is your child's appetite decreased? Well...is nonexistent considered decreased?? If my child won't even eat candy, is that considered decreased? Sorry, back to the questions...

8. Are your child's muscles achy? Yes.

9. Does your child have chills? Absolutely yes.

So...given this brief time of questions and answers, the conclusion is...my child has the flu. More accurately, two of my children (Clara and Noah) have had the flu and are now in various stages of recovery (I can hear Noah coughing downstairs, but he's FINALLY eating again at least. Clara is back at school after having missed four days last week). One of my children had the "sudden onset" overnight and is now asleep in bed (Hannah). One of my children is now coughing (Elijah). My wife is feeling a little run-down (OH NO!!!). I, as the leader of the family, took the initiative and had the flu two weeks ago. Given the comments on the contageous nature of the flu, I was probably very generous. By the way, I tried my very best to set a good example and be pitiful.

Ahh, the joys of winter...

Big D.

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Tom said...

Sorry to hear the fam's a little on the sick side! I've been meaning to write you an email but never got around to it...sorry I haven't gotten back in touch with you! It sounds like life is going well with all of you guys. Elijah a cute little guy too. Next time you guys are in town I'd like to get together to catch up. Hope you're having a great day!