Friday, February 10, 2006

Points To Ponder On The Eve Of The Science Fair

At Random...

* Procrastination is hereditary.

* "Back in the day," science fairs started when you were in the 6th grade. Now it's the 4th.

* At least now it's in writing in the assignment..."parents can help."

* 4th graders shouldn't work with partners on science fair projects. Trying to get two 4th grade girls together who have the social schedule of my daughter is close to impossible.

* The amount of "help" needed from the parent on the project is in direct proportion to the desire of the parent to watch that night's episode of Survivor.

* 10 year old girls talk louder and faster the later at night it gets.

* 10 year old girls can easily get distracted from the task at hand.

* The perceived needs of parents' attention by the siblings of science fair participants increases in proportion to the amount of assistance needed by the science fair participant.

* Helping your child with a science fair project brings back very fond memories of when your dad helped you with yours.

* Why weren't computers, color printers, and digital cameras available when I was in school? Instead, we had stencils and magic markers.

* Spending time with your child and their friends is priceless.

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