Sunday, March 26, 2006

Early Spring Visitors At Hotel Smith

On Wednesday, March 15 we welcomed Diane's parents, Charles and Pat Mitchell of Newnan, Georgia to Hotel Smith (I'm a little slow in getting posts added...and it's been a busy month here).

We all look forward to their visits when they can make it to Memphis. The kids especially look forward to "Grandmommy and Granddaddy" coming because they know that they stand a little bit better of a chance of hearing "yes" rather than "no" when they ask for things. Sort of goes with the territory of being a grandparent, I guess. Spoil 'em and leave 'em.

Seriously, everyone had a great time for the days that Charles and Pat were here. I, unfortunately, had to work most of the time but I hear stories of a hole in one on Hole #1 at the local Putt Putt by Noah when he and Granddaddy went golfin'. (Noah's my Retirement Plan Option #3...Granddaddy's already had a couple of clubs made for him)...

Grandmommy and the boys had a good time shopping and I see some additions to Noah's collection as well as a couple of new toys for Elijah here and there... On Friday evening Grandmommy and Elijah decided to take it easy at the house and the rest of us had a great adventure way down under. Noah is still talking about the monster in the whale!!

Only one minor issue with the visit. We forgot to get 'em to sign the Guest Registry!!

More soon...

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