Saturday, March 11, 2006

Guest Registry At Hotel Smith

Shelly Austin and Silas of Dayton were guests at Hotel Smith last week. We had a great time catching up with Shelly. Shelly is a close friend of the family and we have lots of fun and unusual memories of our times together.

Shelly visited last Monday evening through early Thursday. We enjoyed some relaxing time talking and watching Shelly be "mom" to Silas. We hung out in "the cove" with our neighbors quite a bit. It's now Spring in Memphis and the weather is wonderful!!

Tuesday Shelly and Silas discovered Shelby Farms and Silas took a dip in the pond. Tuesday night we had dinner out at Firebirds (thanks bunches Steve and Elizabeth for babysitting) then on Wednesday we met mutual friend Mark Murdoch for lunch at Fuego's, a Mexican grill somewhat similar to Chipotle's.

The kids had a great time with Silas, and it was really good to catch up with Shelly.

To remind everyone, Hotel Smith is open for business and is the Tennessee branch of Chateau Smith Enterprises. We'd love to see all of our friends...just call ahead for reservations.


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