Friday, March 03, 2006

You Drove HOW Fast?!?!

You might find this interesting...

While surfing around, I stumbled across an interesting experiment. Students at Georgia State University in Atlanta, participating in a student film competition, set out to film a short drama. Their experiment that they wanted to capture in film? In an act of Civil Obedience, to drive 55 MPH...which is the posted speed limit, on I-285, Atlanta's perimeter interstate.

OK...I once lived in Atlanta. 1987. Immediately after college graduation. Even then, I-285 was called Atlanta's Autobond. Once in '87 the Georgia State Patrol had what they call Fast Lane Blues. They brought in 50 EXTRA patrolmen to curb speeding. They only had enough manpower to stop the cars going over 100 mph. Then the speed limit was has since been lowered to save lives. If you've driven there, you know what I mean.

According to a spokesman for the GA Department of Transportation, they expected the lowering of the speed limit to cause those going 75 to move over so those going 95 could have the right of way.

Anyway, the film, intended as a drama, won best comedy in the Georgia moviefest last month and will compete against other states this spring. The video was posted on google and has generated a national discussion about what is legal and what is right. The film has been on CBS and on ABC's World News Tonight.

For your viewing pleasure, some links to the film. Yes, they ticked off some folks...

Video Link 1
Video Link 2

Also, a link to the article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution where I stumbled across the story...


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