Monday, February 11, 2008

The Lake House

Thirteen Ladies.
Mounds of food, not laundry.
Movies galore and Miss American, not Dora or Little Einsteins.
Space and time to pursue scrapbooking, reading, jewlry-making, haircuts.
Total girl time.
Uninterrupted conversation.
Sweet God time.
Roaring Fire.
Tranquil setting.
Time with friends is truly a precious gift.

My trip to the Lake House was wonderful and I'm so thankful to David for taking up the slack at home so I could get away with friends for the weekend.

Thank you Jennifer and family for opening this beautiful home to us and for the reminder of how God the Father lavishes his love on His children!!!


susan barber said...

Why didn't you invite me?????

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

It was a wonderful weekend! Can't wait until the next opportunity to get away like that. :-)

Jill Willeke said...

wish i could have been there with you as well