Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thankful for our home!!

Yesterday afternoon as David was driving home, he watched a tornado develop very close to our home. After dodging lightning, he ran inside and encouraged us firmly (yelled loudly) to get into the bathroom.

As I got the children settled in the bathtub with blankets and pillows, my husband does what? He goes outside on the back porch to watch the tornado. As he points out, he could get to the bathroom in one minute.

It was a difficult time for our little man Noah. We are learning he is tender-hearted and watching the weather really stresses him out. His questions and comments for the day were: What is a tornado? Does it kill people? What is a tornado made of? Why does God live in outer space?

While we were in the midst of the storm we couldn't promise Noah that everything would turn out fine. That is out of our control. We could promise that God would be with us no matter what happened. That seemed to settle him down. The faith of a child!! We're still trying to come up with an answer for why God lives in outer space.

We are thankful that our home is still standing today. And yet, we pray for those who were deeply impacted by the storm that ripped through this area yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear to the family is ok!! I kept hearing about the tornados while at work today. When I got home, I flipped on the news. Of course they were talking about Bartlett. So, trusty GOOGLE helped me to find this blog. When I read "Thankful for our home," I knew everyone was ok. Its funny how four little words can mean so much. Other than the tornado ripping through, I hope everyone else is doing fine. We are good down here, staying busy, but none the less, good. Talk to you soon.

Sarah and Gracie