Sunday, February 03, 2008


Thanks for all your prayers, comments, e-mails and calls about my dad. He is doing great...still in pain, but working hard in the recovery process. My dad is in good health and the early discovery of the cancer was a miracle straight from God. Yesterday he walked around the hospital floor and even asked if he could take another lap!! Today he has requested special Super Bowl snacks (the hospital food leaves lots to be desired).

We should remember to thank God regularly for our health. It is something we take for granted when we are healthy. Hannah and I have been studying the different systems of the body. Did you know an adult heart pumps blood through 75,000 miles of blood vessels? Did you know that it is very important that lungs be kept clean and the key cleaners are cilia, tiny hairs you can only see in a microscope? By the way smoking is way bad for the lungs!! And, exercise is way good!!!!

My question for the day is why do we do things that are bad for our body and not do things that are good for our body?

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