Thursday, April 14, 2011

Van vs. Wind

Two Sundays ago we had a lovely morning in church and got in the van to come home. It was such a beautiful day..... an all is right with the world day!! We drove home, parked the van and went to open the door. All of a sudden the wind gusted and pulled the door out of my hands. I thought the door was going to fly through the yard and land in the woods behind our house.

The door was still intact, but it wouldn't close at all. And of course all six of us had somewhere to be in 30 minutes. And the door just wouldn't close. Needless to say we didn't all make it to the party since our other vehicle seats four people.

You will notice the door is closed in the picture. Our awesome neighbor, Jimmy, came over while we were gone that evening and fixed it. We're not really sure what he did. We're not really sure we WANT to know what he did. But we have the best neighbors on the planet!!!

What I remember most about that day is my girls sitting in the car and laughing hysterically. For some reason they thought it was funny. And quite frankly I did too. It felt like I was living in a cartoon world. Although David's memory of that day might be different.

One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Little House on the Prairie. Their pa always said "alls well that ends well". to be continued....

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