Monday, April 25, 2011

Van vs. Wind - Part 2

Recently our van door had a battle with the wind and it really looked like the wind won. However, I am happy to report that the van came back and won the battle. Of course the van had some help from the insurance company and a friend from church.

Today David went pick-up the van. Our friend repaired the door AND repaired a couple of broken door handles, fixed a window that we couldn't roll down because if we did it wouldn't roll back up. He also completely and I mean completely detailed the car, including dying the carpet and cleaning the van inside and out. The van is beautiful (well as beautiful as a van with 209,000 miles on it can be). If you have ever ridden in our van you know this is truly a feat.

And the cost was less than the insurance estimate. So this evening I went out and splurged and bought a cushy, squishy steering wheel cover. I've been looking at this cover for almost a year but was too cheap to buy it. It's amazing what a difference a $12.00 steering wheel cover makes.

My take away from this whole experience is "God cares about the details of our life". And, "He uses His people to help others". So, go the extra mile today and bless the socks off someone!! Make someone's day!!!!

Oh and on a humorous note...on the way home from picking up the van my husband was about two minutes in front of a significant storm that included hail. He made it home with no hail damage, WHEW!!

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Aleks said...

This is awesome. Glad the van is back and glad it WON the battle. Its amazing how God take care of His kids.