Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm Ready!!!

In my January 4th post, I made the following statement...

I'm excited about 2011.
I'm ready for what's next, the next rushing stream that requires risk.
I'm ready to cross the tightrope.
I'm ready to see what God has in store.
I'm ready to take the hand of Jesus and follow where He leads.

Little did I know at that time what the future would hold. Just a couple of weeks after that post I began to talk with Habitat for Hope about becoming a part of their team. Habitat for Hope is a local non-profit organization that is a committed group of volunteers and staff who work to form community around families who have traveled to the mid-south to receive medical care for their children. The ministry of Habitat for Hope touched my heart from the moment I first heard Mylissa share her story at a local womens group last spring.

Through a seemingly random course of events (read that with a bit of a sarcastic tone) I became aware that Habitat for Hope was looking for someone to coordinate volunteers. Those who know me well know I love helping people see a need and working together to meet that need. I love it when people understand that God made them just the way they are and He wants to use them for His glory as they serve, love, love it. At the time I was also reading this book which tied in perfectly to this seemingly random course of events. The truth is that there are so many things that worked together to bring me to where I am today.

Today I am crossing the rushing stream. As of today it's out there for the whole world to know that I am committed to the mission and ministry of Habitat for Hope. I am committed to use my experiences, skills, abilities and talents to serve others. I am committed to build relationships with patient families and find ways to serve them. I am committed to build relationships with volunteers. Volunteers are vital to the ministry of Habitat for Hope.

You may be wondering why this is a bit scary. It's a bit scary because all staff at Habitat for Hope raise their own support. Each staff person serves as a missionary to a specific population of people. No, it's not Africa, but it is a Christian ministry whose primary goal is to work as the hands and feet of Jesus for families who are facing the serious or long-term illness of a child.

I'm ready!!!

Are you ready? Would you consider joining me in this adventure? Would you consider becoming a prayer partner? Would you consider becoming a financial partner? Would you consider becoming a volunteer for Habitat for Hope? My prayer is that you would join me in this journey seeking to follow Jesus wherever He leads!!!

Please email me at if you would like more information.


Anonymous said...

Very exciting news! I had heard rumblings of this through David's prayer email. Great to see it is public news. Praying for you guys as you raise support & see God provide for this new adventure!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Love the new look! Praying for you in this new venture!

The Felkins said...

Just read your comment to Jennifer about being encouraged after reflecting on their journey of raising support, which intrigued me to come back and read your blog cool to read what you are doing! Hope we get to see you guys this weekend!