Monday, May 07, 2007

Clever Marketing Strategy!!

My idea of shopping for my kids is to go to consignment sales or to go to goodwill. This spring I missed my favorite consignment sale b/c I was out of town. So, yesterday I went shopping with Hannah and Clara. Hannah desperately needed some shorts!! My aunt had given the girls gift cards to Old Navy for Christmas and I had put them away for spring shopping.

So, off we went. Let's just say the gift cards were generous, but I still ended up writing a check for a very large amount!!! Now I know why I don't go shopping. Clara did a pretty good job spending her gift card and picking out her outfit. But then she found really cute shoes to go with her outfit and a very practical beach dress to go over her new bathing at it's finest.

Then, came Hannah. It was a rite of passage for me...the first time shopping with Hannah in the women's department. 24 hours later I am still freaking out. I miss the girls department!!! I am thankful that long shorts are in now. I am thankful that shirts are long because they cover the belly. What I don't get is the really thin shirts with the plunging necklines. Then, you have to buy a tank top to go under the plunging neckline. (Another clever marketing strategy). And still, the tank top is too low. Hannah was adorable...she said...I just want a shirt with the collar. So, off we went back to the girl's department and found a collared shirt.

I'm not really ready for my eleven year old to be wearing clothes that are fashionable to teenagers. Someone needs to develop a line of clothes for young girls, that are no longer little girls and not yet young women!!

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