Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Details on Vaccum Cleaner

My friend Amber asked about the cost of the vaccum cleaner. Here's the scoop. It was around $50 at Costco. I will recap my usage over the last few hours (yes, it's like a new toy)
  • The floor after breakfast
  • My back porch rug which I thought I would have to replace with the addition of the sandbox. It is chocolate brown and our sand looks real obvious.
  • The potato chips Little E found and dumped on the couch (used the handy attachment)
  • The Living Room floor (it seems to work just as well as my heavy vaccum)
  • The sugar spilled while someone made tea
  • The Hearth Room floor after the children came in from the sandbox
  • The floor after lunch
  • Little E's booster chair

Then, I tucked it neatly in my pantry (which is by the way quite small) where it is handy to grab. Tossed the nasty dust pan in the garage. Put the boys down for a nap. Enjoyed a relaxing bath knowing my floor is CLEAN!!! And a special bonus, my friend Virginia called and we had a great talk!!!

BTW--I timed it and it took me six minues to do the floors in my kitchen, breakfast room and hearth room. I'm not really willing to time how long it would take me to sweep, but I imagine it would be longer than that.

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