Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last night marked a revolution in my life. Sounds impressive huh? I bet you are excited to hear what this revolution is all about. Here goes. Housecleaning is not one of my favorite tasks. Especially considering I can clean my guts out and one little person can walk across the room leaving toys in his wake, food all over the floor. Not to mention the fact that I have four little people (Hannah's not so little anymore...she lost her last baby tooth this week). Anyway, my housecleaning woes are a reality in my life.

Through an innocent conversation I have discovered a product that will (hopefully) change my life in the housecleaning department. I'm sure by this point you are anxious to hear what it is. Well, let me tell you what my friend Michelle shared with me AND then showed up on my doorstep last night to take me to purchase. It's a Eureka Optima slim line vaccum cleaner. As I write I realize that doesn't sound all that revolutionary, but in my life it is!! Michelle looked at me like I had three heads (and no she had not consumed any alcohol) when I told her that I swept my floor. Her response was, "you mean like with a broom with bristles."

This handy little product works like a charm to get up all the stuff on my hardwood floor and my linoleum. I really hated to sweep. It took me so long before and it really didn't always look so good. Last night as soon as I got home, David and Clara put together my revolutionary machine. Clara was excited to try it out. The cool thing is the handle can adjust for little people to use it. It really looks like a little toy vacuum cleaner, but it actually works. My little vaccum cleaner weighs twelve pounds and it sucks that dirt up!! Wow, it is amazing!!!

Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson in all this. We can learn so much from one another. When I am weak in something, I desperately need to seek advice from those who are smarter, wiser and successful in that. The problem in the past is that I get defeated because I am not like the smarter, wiser person. For example, my friend Michelle has impeccable floors. I realize I will probably never have impeccable floors. However, I can see improvement in my floors because of a simple change.

Revolutions do not always require big events, sometimes they come as result of a series of small changes.

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