Friday, May 04, 2007

Tough Parenting Week!!

David and I certainly have much to learn when it comes to parenting. We are moving into a different era of parenting...parenting pre-teen/tweens. And, some days I feel like a moron. Especially if I listen to my children. Instead, I am choosing to listen to the voice of God and seek Him.

This week we had a couple of tough parenting issues I thought I'd share. Wednesday night our daughter Clara played soccer and scored her first goal of the season. YEAH?...not really. She scored for the other team. It wasn't intentional, it was an accident. She got pulled from the game immediately. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I didn't see it happen. I was at the car changing Elijah's diaper. As I walk back toward the bleachers, David walks toward me and shares the news.

The game is tied at this point and it is halfway through the second half. As a parent, it was agonizing sitting across the field (the players have their bench on one side of the field and the bleachers are on the other.) Boy, how I wanted to go comfort her, but instead I'm sitting on the bleachers hoping our team will score a goal, so it will not be a tie. And then our friend Ellie made a beautiful pass to Katie who dribbled down the field and scored a goal. We won 2-1. That helped.

The tough parenting moments came after the game...Clara valiantly tried to hold it together, but she was devastated. We learned after the game that Clara's coach pulled her because she seemed lost. She was tired and it showed. Many lessons were learned. We learned to make sure Clara gets a good night's sleep. Clara learned that sometimes you mess up. Clara learned that when you're on a team you stick together in good times and bad times. We learned that children will suffer disappointment and they need lots of hugs.

Second parenting lesson comes from Hannah. She plays piano beautifully. She came home a few weeks ago saying she wanted to enter the talent show at school. Very cool because she has this thing about not wanting to perform in front of people. However, every day when she comes home and we ask if she has tried out, she says "No". She has been dragging her feet about trying out. Yesterday was the last day to try out and she came home informing us that we didn't fill out the paperwork so she can't do it. Keep in mind we NEVER saw such paperwork. Oh, how I wanted to scream. I realized that in her mind it's my fault and I'm realizing that everything for the next six to eight years will be my fault. Lord, help us. The truth is she is frightened of performing in front of people. I wish I could change that, but she is the only one who can.

Preteen parenting tips anyone? Really we need lots of prayer.

And, we are dealing with preschool and toddler issues.
Noah found his temper. He likes to stomp his feet and throw things. Elijah found his ability to hit. We have started calling him Bam, Bam.

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Amber said...

I can't believe how much your kids are growing and i'm thankful to be able to learn from you and your wonderful posts. Gibson has also started with the everythingiswrongsoi'mgonnathrowatantrum! thing. Maya is only 8 months but this girl is sassy! Parenthood is wonderful but challenging! I am amazed at how God uses those things to teach me more about Him