Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grinding the Coffee!!

It was 5:45 am this morning and I had just stumbled out of bed, dusted the sleep out of my eyes, reached into the cabinet to pull out the coffee grinder, and began to grind the coffee. Then, a little bullet comes running from the bedroom...Noah with eyes still closed in sleep wanted to grind the coffee. (He has this thing where he likes to push the button on the coffee grinder. And, he gets kind of upset when I get up before him and grind the coffee.) So, he pushes the button on the coffee grinder and goes back to bed.

I thought it was a little bizzare. Then, his enthusiasm for grinding that coffee made me ask myself the question. What in my life causes me to leap out of bed and go running? Lately, not much. My desire is that I would approach my time with God in that way. So, I have been challenged by a five-year old who just can't miss the excitement of grinding coffee.

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